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HKI is a contractor that has built and is currently building a number of Trans-Sumatra Toll Roads.

Trans-Sumatera Toll Road Segment Pekanbaru - Dumai

HKI is the developer of the celebrated Trans Sumatra Toll Road. Our road is connecting hundreds of cities across Sumatran Island; opening access, opportunities, and ensuring better future for millions of Indonesians

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HKI has built a Trans-Sumatra toll road with a length of 164 km and is currently building another 200.4 km. Later, the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road will connect Aceh to Bakauheni along 2,987 km.

Trans-Sumatera Toll Road Segment Medan - Binjai

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HKI applies the Lean Construction philosophy in order to produce high quality toll road products with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Jalan Tol Trans-Sumatera Ruas Binjai - Pangkalan Brandan Zona 1

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